• Western Star Truck

    The legend that is Western Star was born in the United States in 1967. The production site in Canada initially serviced the heavy-duty truck needs of the Canadian logging industry nestled in the very rugged and steep Canadian Rockies.

    Western Star continued on from this point under a mixture of private and public ownership up until October 2000 when the brand was bought by Freightliner LLC, North America’s biggest selling heavy duty truck brand. Freightliner is a 100% owned subsidiary of Daimler AG.

    In September 2001 Western Star was launched in South Africa to fill a unique market niche in the local mining industry that required a product that was rugged but offered good high speed and long distance performance.

    Since then Western Stars have expanded to serve other niche markets, including abnormal load haulers (road trains), construction industry and break-down recovery trucks.


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