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    4964SX 6X4 Wrecker Chassis

    A Western Star is one of those trucks you can really count on to bring the goods home, when the going gets really tough and all the other pretenders to the title have given up the ghost next on the side of a lonely remote road.

    This is why Western Star is fast becoming the preferred Wrecker/Breakdown chassis for Southern Africa’s best known towing and recovery operators.

    The standard 75 ton GCM rated wrecker chassis is more than up to getting a fully laden interlink combination out of a tight spot whether this be on a lonely road in the Karoo, or down the side of a mountain in the Transkei. The standard 75ton rated wrecker chassis has a resistance bending moment in excess of 3 million pounds per inch, making it suitable for use with recovery cranes in the 35 to 50 US ton class.

    Western Star’s custom built philosophy also allows even higher rated chassis with up to 4.2 million pounds per inch resistance bending moment to be specified for slider and rotator type recovery cranes in the 45 to 60 ton class. These same trucks can be specified with either an 8x6 tridrive or 8x4 pusher rear axle arrangement with GCM ratings of up to 100 tons.

    If all of that isn’t enough reason to make a Western Star sound impressive, it is also possible to arrange for your Western Star chassis to be sent to any recovery equipment supplier in either the US or Canada for the recovery equipment to be fitted before the truck arrives in South Africa as a single package.

    Next time you need help, remember that you can count on a Western Star to get your truck and cargo home when everything else has failed.

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