• Dumper 40T

    6900XD 6x4 40 t Dump Truck

    This vehicle is aimed at the open cast mining and quarrying industries which require a tipper which is not only capable of withstanding arduous off-road operating conditions but is also fast when compared to traditional rigid or articulated mining trucks. 

    The high power to weight ratio and rigid frame configuration ensure that the vehicle is capable of travelling safely at speeds of up to 65 km/h with no reduction in payload or limitations placed on distance traveled due to tyre design limitations. 

    Long down hill gradients are easily negotiated using the standard Jacobs engine brake, an additional transmission retarder can also be fitted if required. The vehicle is exceptionally easy to operate with simple straight-forward controls and minimal conversion training from a standard on road vehicle is required.
    tegral safety mechanisms are employed as standard which help prevent vehicle abuse and improve operating safety in arduous conditions.

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