• Heavy Hauler 150 T

    4964EXHD 6x4 150ton GCM Road train Tractor

    These vehicles are aimed at the road train and abnormal load haulage markets. The road train vehicle combination offers an alternative to either conventional railways or conveyor belts when large quantities of material have to be shifted over long distances from 10 to 200 km. Road trains are typically used on private roads because their exceptional length does not meet normal road traffic legislation. Exemptions are however sometimes granted on public roads in remote areas.

    Road trains are far less capital intensive than either conventional railway lines or conveyor belts as soon as meaningful haulage distances are encountered. A road train is very flexible when a change in routes is required or when translocation from one site to another is required. In flat terrain with gradients not exceeding 2.5%, payloads of up to 150 t and top speeds of 85 km/h are attainable with vehicles that do not exceed legal axle load or width regulations.

    In order to simplify the operation of these road-train units, automated manual and fully automatic transmissions are available if required.

    These large tractor units are constructed with freely available components from well known component vendors which greatly reduces repair and maintenance costs.

    When fitted with axles for high imposed loads, these tractor units are suitable for abnormal load haulage in conjunction with low loader trailers, and if used in combination are capable of shifting loads in excess of 250 t.


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